Is a faction of few people who have been chosen by the Goddess of Wisdom. They are called “Vanguards” because their primary role is to serve and protect the Grand Library or the “Imperium Librarium Deus Atarna”. The vanguards have distinct appearance, thus their only thing of their uniformity is their white mask which have distinct emotions. The emotion signifies their superiority and power. Thus the following.

The Happy OneEdit

The Happy One signifies the full satisfaction of wisdom. This is always the lead of the vanguards due to the fact that it fully synchronizes on the bestowed power, especially Tactical Intelligence.

The Lonely OneEdit

The Lonely One signifies the realization of acquiring such wisdom. This is the second to the most powerful Vanguard among the group.

The Coy OneEdit

The Coy One signifies the hidden facts. It shows a fake smile that signifies the doubt of acquiring such wisdom.

The Angry OneEdit

The Angry One signifies the violence of wisdom. This is often the unstable Vanguards because it always breaks most commands that the goddess gives.

The Curious OneEdit

Signifies the hunger of wisdom. Often the most weakest among the group

The Enlightened OneEdit

Signifies the completion of wisdom. The rarest among the Vanguards and the only known is the witch named Sha. One of the most powerful Vanguards yet stable.

The Insane OneEdit

Signifies the completion of wisdom also. Same with Enlightened One, this is also the most powerful Vanguard but unstable. The person was devoured by the wisdom it gains from the goddess.