is a domninant demi-human race in Ragnarok Exalt.


Serpent came from a demon race called “Lilims”. Lilims are daughters of Judgment and Lilith who have the power to manipulate people’s minds. Serpents are half-Lilims half-humans and they are known having the ability to read mind by just looking a person’s eye. Serpent was discovered by Sal after defeating Susano-O. It’s was not said who was their leader before Susano-O.

Powers and WeaknessEdit

Serpent are known having an ability to read persons mind by looking into a person’s eye. Their weakness is the instrument called “Googles” which filters the eyes which was used by Rian the Snake upon invading the Serpent City on his Black Lotus Rebellion. Also one of their weakness is darkness which they can’t see anything.

Kinds of SerpentsEdit

There are two known divisions only of Serpent Clan. There were many but was not told in the books…

The GreyroseEdit

Is the main division of Serpent Clan. They practiced tactical anticipation which often became the leaders of the Sal Kingdom’s army. They can see a person eye in 360 degree view within a kilometer radius.

The BlackflowerEdit

Is the second division of Serpent Clan. This division is called the Black Ops. They specialize in anticipating enemies attack and reaction to it. Having a 360 degree view within 5 kilometers radius, they are invulnerable as told in the battles. Known Blackflower is Kyl and Lona which relatively known by its anti-army attacks.

End of Serpent ClanEdit

The same with the Dragon Clan, Serpent Clan was annihilated during Rian’s invasion. The Serpent clan was reduced into just a group