Immortal Flame story revolves on the character named Siv Valentine as he ravel the world and faced the wrath of the deities upon his rise of being the most powerful living god of all, the God of Power.

Immortal Flame: New TestamentEdit

The story started on Siv awakening after his millinium slumber and found himself in the middle of the war of Lotus and Sha Kingdoms. Upon Siv later lost his memories and began to live as a mortal, not knowing his own capabilities, he was guided by Shar which later reveals as his most beloved wife who have waited for his awakening. Upon Siv later knew that Shar was being manipulated by the Lawicia, the council of gods. Siv then make his move to cut the strings of the Lawicia on his beloved by defeating her in the war.

Immortal Flame: UnderworldEdit

Story continues as Siv died and lived on the world of the fallen, the Underworld. As later a news broke that his old rival, the God of all Gods, was reincarnated and currently ravaging the world of the living, the Bahd. He then make his way to be ressurected by passing through the old tradition which no one ever passed, to defeat which whom he slain and the Goddess of Underworld, Kali, without any powers.

Immortal Flame: RevelationEdit

Story continues as Siv successfully resurrected but it was too late as he saw the damage created by the God of all Gods in the world. Seemingly hopeless to bring back the loss but with the encouragement and help of his allies and enemies of the past. Siv was encourage to fight the God of all Gods which is now more powerful than previous.

Immortal Flame: Old TestamentEdit

Story goes back on Siv humble beginnings one thousand years ago. As Siv started as a normal human with utmost talents and principles in battle. As he leaded an expedition team, deployed to help the Drake Central, he faced odds and challenges that made him what he is now and what are others is. In the story, it tells also the love developed on Siv and Shar and his old rival in the crown of Sal Kingdom, his own distant cousin, Zin Red Dragon.