The Constellation focus more on the story of Shar Greyrose after the Black Lotus Rebellion which is written in the Book of Dragons. The series contained three books that tales Shar's experiences as she grew up and later became Siv's beloved.


Shar Greyrose - The main protagonist of the story. Shar is a full-bloodied Lotus who was found by Jean Drylake during his study on ancient arcanes. Shar became a priestess of the Grand Lotus, an idol who was served by the Holians in Hol Kingdom. Which later raided by some group of people. One of it made a great damage on the kingdom, the invasion of the Lotus Kingdom.

Jean Drylake - a mysterious person who appear as a diety named "Judgment" who is hiding from the Lawicia because of something. He is the one who trained Shar as a priestess which made her very knowledgable on Arcanism but when Lotus Kingdom invaded the Hol Kingdom. Jean exiled himself and later found a diety who is leading the war of Dieties against Mortals, the God of War: Ares. Jean made an army of named Heroes who aimed to defeat Ares and bring the peace back on Mortals and Deities.

Rian the Snake - the current king of Lotus Kingdom. A once renowned "Prodigy of Sal Kingdom" which later exiled when he leaded the Black Lotus Rebellion. He stood a new kingdom for his people and made vengeance on the other kingdoms.

Joan of Arc - the standing leader of the Assassin's Guild who regrets when she accompany Rian on the Black Lotus Rebellion. She was redeeming herself as she joined the formed army by Jean Drylake.

Cu Chulainn - a valiant knight of Sal Kingdom who stationed to joined the formed group of Jean Drylake. One of the most important characters who hinted Shar of his brother, Siv Valentine.