Arcanes - These are seals or drawings which unlocks, unleash and summon anything instantaneously. (see arcanes section)

Alacanes- These are hand seals which also the same ability in Arcanes. These arts originated from Ahurans when they already mastered the Arcane sealing.

Immortals- (Unlinke Immortals we knew) These beings are capable of dying (Siv noted it as premature burial). But instead going to Overworld (Heaven) they will go to Underworld and if they defeat Kali they can go back to Bahd.

Mortals- These beings are capable of dying where their soul will go to Overword.

Arcanites- These are forbidden beast who have broken the law of nature, the survival of the fittest. They are capable of going to one vessel to another and grant him or her an enormous power.

C.R.U.X. -short for Controlled Raiding Units for Extermination. It is a humanoid robot created by the Sha Kingdom.

Pyronecro Bomb- is the bomb made by Sha Kingdom used for total bombardment and siege weapon.

Excellentia Diez (E.X.) - The era of beginning.

Excellentia Bellum (E.B.) - The era after Excellentia Diez. Started when Jihad or the War of Religions exploded.

Ragnarok Exalt (R.E.) - The era after Excellentia Bellum. Started when Rhayne cut the Yggdrasil Tree.

Great Harvest (G.H.) - is the era after Ragnarok Exalt. Started when Siv went on his millennium slumber.

Ahuran-the people who was born with one wing and given approximately 10,000 years of life.

Destiny-short for the three gods of destiny, comprises Siv, Shar and Kyl

Lotus- a group of people (mainly a nation) which have the power to shapeshift themselves in one variety of beast.

Master Lotus- a lotus who can shape-shift into several beasts.

Dragon- people who have the power to manipulate fire

Serpent- peole who have the ability to read minds by just looking in the eye.