Or known as Saint Valentine, is a character in the Book of Dragons, Constellation and being told at the Immortal Flame. Having a witty, dumb and over enthusiastic character, Saint Ogal Valentine, or Saint Valentine, is one of the first characters in the Book of Dragons. He is a Rider Saint which specializes on DragonTongue. Having named him “Handsome”, Ogal is sure is funny of how he is. He often produces logical quotes that confuse the mind of the other characters. But although Saint Valentine has humorous attitude, as story progress, he became more and more serious.

Valentine is kind and valiant that knows how to differentiate massacre from victory. Which he saw himself on Rian and made him his close friend. He even made Wilhelmina and Rian close which as the story goes, they fell in love. But when the odds went to them, it resulted that Valentine fell in love to Mina when they were engaged but he never expects that Mina will exchange it also.

When he found out that Mina is carrying a child of Rian. He owns it as his own child. In the end of the story, Valentine took the care of Mina's child as she will continue to hunt Rian for their own personal matter. As he later renamed the child Siv which means "Grace."

Ogal died after 15 years of his last appearance on the Book of Dragons at the age of 37 due to stigmata that saints have.