is a saint and protagonist Jihad and a recurring character in the Book of Dragons.


Given with a name “Nicholas of the North”, he was mainly known as Saint Noel. He was a great follower of the most powerful saint, Emmanuel. But though, he was not invited to Emmanuel’s elite team, the Apostles. That didn’t gave him a reason not to follow Emmanuel but he followed him until Emmanuel died.


When Emmanuel founded the very first Mortal Religion, the Catholic, Noel was the first who got invited. After the Catholic began to earn a name and place in the Second Holy War, Noel gradually vanished but still follows Emmanuel which he became the narrator in Jihad.


Noel has only one beast in his contract, the legendary Rudolph the Red Nosed. Rudolph is a legendary beast that was bestowed with the ability to Levitate which is considered as one of the rarest form of spell and only few gods know it, back when Wilhelmina still not invented the Arcane of Wind: Levitation.  


Noel is highly based from Santa Claus, his appearance in Jihad was a fit man but was antagonized in the Book of Dragons where he is depicted as a fat jolly old man.

He has a trade mark laugh of “Ho Ho Ho Ho…”