The most youngest god ever joined the Lawcia. He holds the title God of Resurrection. As one of the Gods of Underworld, he is a pure immortal like Kali Caliber.

History and BackgroundEdit

He is very well-known as the most youngest god. But even though he is the youngest, he is one of the most powerful gods in the world. Unlike an underworld god, he never like to kill anybody. He has a muddy past as an immortal whom he was tortured by Rhayne and persecuted to death. Later, he met Kali and became her apprentice. At the time, he became a warlord of Darkness, named Vulture, Kali seen his ability. He then was nominated for the slot of God of Ressurection.


As Osiris, all of his body is embalmed but as a modern fashion, he wears tuxedo and a cool hat.


He is very calm and kind. Unlike Kali and Hades, he never like killing people.


As a God of Underworld, he can travel back and forth from underworld and he has given a permanent immortality. He was once a Warlord of Shadow and among them, the only one who can see in a pitch black.