is an antagonist in the Book of Dragons and a recurring character in the stories.


Nue is known as the Second Grand Lotus, following Cherubim. Even though she is not a follower of Grand Lotus, she was still chosen when she visited the Shrine of Grand Lotus located in what is now Hol Kingdom. As she got the power, she overused it. Nue became a ruthless murderer and as the Grand Lotus is with her, she was devoured and got insane (due to the fact that the Grand Lotus is the guardian of the mortals).

When Greek Religion heard of a certain monstrosity rampaging the lands of Maelstrom. Sha was order to capture her. With the ability of Sha as a powerful saint, she manage to calm down the insane Nue and got her sanity back. Nue saw that she can't live without Sha, therefore she lend her hand to Sha and became a powerful pair in the First Holy War.

Sha and Nue got invited to form some alliance, the Warmaidens. One of the members was Ezl, who was at that time a Vanguard. Nue was invited to become a Vanguard and as she wear her mask, it resulted in to The Insane One, while Sha became the Enlightened One. Athena, the current Goddess of Wisdom at that time, was worried of Nue because her mask show her true nature. At the end of Seikishidan, Sha died resulting to Nue to gone insane again.

Athena forsaw that it would happen and so she was forced to contain the enraged Nue in a special container that only her can open.

Books of DragonsEdit

In the book of dragons, Athena open Nue's container for help. Nue with her gained weapon, "The Constellation" outmatched Susano-O's demon but she was defeated in one blow.

Later, Judgment resummoned Nue from Underworld, seeking aid to defeat Goldlun but Judgment's plans turn unto him as when Nue broke her contract and gone in rampage. Knowing Rian is Susano-O's son. She tried to take vengeance but at the battle, Mina's Jinn Form first activated resulted to Nue to be pulverized to death.