The Frozen RoseEdit

it is the staff used by Ezl. It has giant snow flake like crystal at the point of the staff which the the seal of Arcane of Ice: Diamond Dust

The CerberusEdit

The Gatling gun used by Hades. It only has three tubes and it fires a million bullets in a minute. The bullet compress and will return to its original state, a human body.

The Circlet of SolEdit

It is a giant circlet used by Baldr, inscribed on it is a thousand Arcane seals of Light.

The Passionate PinwheelEdit

A very small pinwheel often described by the Warlords of Wind as the toy of Zypherus. The pinwheel is a key to a thousand wind Arcane seals which if it turns around, a seal will appear depending how powerful the wind is blown.

The Balmung BladeEdit

The sword or shield used by Kronos or Gaia. The sword will reshape to a shield when used at night and the wielder will became Kronos, if daylight, the shield will become a sword and the wielder will became Gaia.

Ver, Ti, GoEdit

These are the guns of Kali. Ver is a sniper with range so wide which Kali use when she will do some killing. Ti is a super-sized shotgun, one shot is enough to destroy a continent. Go is a 4-holed revolver, their bullets are life-seeking and its often use on battles.