Nations are world, that are origins of races. There are many Nations in the universe of the story but only few named...


Is the nation of Demons and Angels. Underword was discovered by Ahura when he created portals to the other Nations as it gives ability to both Demons and Angels to interloped to Bahd. Ahura before he died, give his power to go to Underworld to [[Kali Caliber|Kali]. Kali later created another portal that allows fallen gods to live in Underworld and named it as it is. 

Later it created chaos throughout the lands, Angels dislike the way Underworld is, being home to dead gods, and so Angels wage war on Kali and the Demons. Kali seek help to a Persona named Dunamis and created the widest and strongest Arcane of Neutrality: Aurora Viel that seperates the home of Angels and Demons.


Demons - Are the true inhabbitants of Underworld. In this world, Demons have limitless powers and can be compared to Gods in Bahd. Fearless it seems but they are civilized here.
Angels - The other true inhabbitants on Underworld. Once they are in war with Demons but Kali and Dunamis seperated the two factions by a wide barrier that torns the world into two. The other part where Angels live are known as Overworld.
Deities - Are not true inhabbitants of Underworld. When a God is fallen, he have a choice to stay in Underworld where he can live. Gods in this world have no powers and abilites.


is the nation of beasts. A mythical land that remains unknown. The only thing that proves its existence is when Dunamis discribed the birth place of Judgment which is called Eden. It is a very beautiful and sacred place which where beasts came from, both evil and good. Still no records was seen to prove its existence.


is known as the Light Realm where Astrals of Lights live. Shangri-La is ruled by the God of Light: Baldr. A very quiet and beautiful place where gigantic Crux are being mass-produced.


is known as the Shadow Realms where Astral of Shadows live. Ruled by Goddess of Shadows: Hecate and Goddess of Moon: Selene. Lacryma is seen in Bahd as the biggest moon which makes the Black Eclipse.