The Black PhoenixEdit

Is known as the most legendary beast of all which being told from the books of the Foreseers. It was described as the beast that will destroy the world.

The ConstellationEdit

Is known as the Mother of Celestial Dragons which been turned into a Ahuran Relic. The said devourer of mortals and dominated the skies in the Era of Beginning which was opposed by the Grand Lotus

The Grand LotusEdit

Is the Queen of Lotus. The son and daughter of Bahd which became a monstrous and vicious beast that ought to slain deities in the Era of Beginning. The one who opposed and defeats Constellation and was  viewed as the Guardian of Mortals. The only beast who has a statue in the Hol Kingdom which being aligned as a god.


Is a foreseer which turned to be a Celestial Dragon. One of the 3 Celesial Dragon Kings and the only surviving Celestial Dragon in the last era, the Great Harvest. He is known as the fastest beast living but was defeated in a contest of the title as the fastest being of the world, after Cu Chulainn defeated him.

Qing LongEdit

The Azure Dragon of the East. A Celestial Dragon which was given by Rhayne to Yu to guard Sha Kingdom. It was slain by Underworld


The Golden Celestial Dragon. The Dragon which known for its ability to teleport, same thing with the weapon, Staff of the North Star. It is the Celestial Dragon which was contracted by Bloody Mary as a saint but it killed by Saint Germain after killing Bloody Mary that Tsukoyomi’s invasion.


The most powerful Legion existed before Seikishidan. A remnant of Rhayne, after he died, which have all the powers of all gods that was slain and live in the Underworld. He was unstoppable until Judgment successfully vanquishes him in the book Iceied Flayre: Rise of Underworld.


Is known as the First Grand Lotus. A very powerful Lotus having 4 heads, 6 wings and a body of a lion. After it died, Dunamis revived him in his realm called Heaven.