Is the most powerful faction in the world. The Destiny embodies all living, may it be diety or mortal. This party was stood at the end of Ragnarok Exalt which aims for the defeat of the Gods of all Gods. The members are the following

Siv Valentine - God of Power

Shar Greyrose - Goddess of Wisdom

Kyl Blackflower - God of Time

Council of GodsEdit

Is the main faction of Lawicia. This faction represents the kingdom itself and the main proponents of power. The members are the following

Ifrit - God of Flame

Ezl - Goddess of Seas

Zephyrus - God of Wind

Gaia - Goddess of Earth

Hecate - Goddess of Shadows

Baldr - God of Light

Guardians of UnderworldEdit

Is another faction that based on the Underworld. This faction represents the fallen souls in the Underworld. The members have distinct powers but has same ability, to have power in the underworld. The members are

Kali Caliber - Goddess of Immortality

Osiris - God of Ressurection

Hades - God of Mortal death.