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Kyl Blackflower


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God of Time

God of Haste


Chains of Illusion

Ink of Life

is the narrator and writter of the books of the series.


Kyl's appearance before Great Harvest was of a shinto shaman dress and has a black hair tied with a bangs which covers his left eye. On the Great Harvest, he wears a wide pillow hat with the emblem of Lotus Kingdom and Roman Numeral XIII on the top. He wears the common white wizard jacket with roman numerals one to twelve on the ends. and he wears a black polo shirt and black pants and shoes as his insides and bottoms.

Early AgesEdit

Kyl is the another son of Rian the Snake and elder brother of Siv but with different mother. He was on his father's side ever since the Black Lotus Rebellion but he left when he found out that his father was incarnated by Rhayne. He later joins Siv Valentine to his journey and later renounced himself as the God of Haste and Time when he defeated and got the ability of the Arcanite of the Heirophant and Arcanite of the Traitor which was the speed of wind and speed of light.

Great HarvestEdit

He disguised himself as a common farmer with a view to help the unfortunate victims of current Lotus Sha War. When Siv awakens he hurriedly find his way to get his throne and commanded the Lotus Kingdom's Army to get Siv but he then noticed that Siv was overtaken by the soul of Bahd as an effect of premature awakening from his thousand years of slumber. Kyl then helped Siv to win the war when Siv recover his memories.

When Siv died Kyl was approached by the Arcane Acolyte which later reveal to be his son and told that Rhayne will be incarnated in his body. So Kyl go to the underworld and told Siv of the upcoming war against Rhayne again.

When the world was destroyed, Kyl go the Ravine and wrote the books which reveal most of the history which later called as the Books of Kyl.


Kyl is the God of Time given the ability to go back in time but he can't change it or touch anything which according to the Law of Ravine.

Kyl can undo death.

Kyl is a half-serpent, thus allowing him to read memories of daily life.


  • Kyl has a megalomania, the hunger for power, which was a hindrance to the plan of Siv to defeat Rhayne.