Jinns is a extinct race. They were once told in the Excellentia Bellum and Diez.


Jinns came from the shattered heart of Ahura where they where given life by Judgment. Jinns are elementals whose body are ethereal and pure element. They are legends and counterpart of LotusesLotus, which are traced from Bahd.

Mainly, Jinns are fiery beings which came from the shattered parts in the desert. But some Jinns are legendary and known far superior.

The Jinn of Flame: IfritEdit

Ifrit is the most strongest Flame Jinn of all, one of the Ethereal Jinns who can transfrom into pure flame. 

The Jinn of Water: UndineEdit

Undine is the Jinn of Water, a pure element of water which is poison by nature.

The Jinn of Earth: St. Peter's GolemEdit

An unnamed Golem of St. Peter is known as the Jinn of Earth, a mindless golem which is indestructable by nature.

The Jinn of Strom: KamikazeEdit

A known deity who serves on the God of Wind: Zephyrus. 

The Jinn of Wind: DrakeEdit

A mortal who was revealed to be a Jinn.

The Jinn of Shadows: KarasuEdit

A warlord who serve Hecate. He is the trump card of Lacry'ma in the War of Ravine.

The Jinn of Light: GadEdit

One of Siv's elite soldier who has the power to transform into light.

The Jinn of Death: Siv ValentineEdit

Known as the Black Phoenix, once a flame Jinn which was contaminated by the Lotus blood.