This section is about the minor parties and groups that occured in the holy wars. Official groups, such as Religions, are not included.

The WarmaidensEdit

is an exclusive group for female which has only one view in holy wars, to stop the current war. This group has been a secret in the society and gods and members of it are hidden. Members are... 

From SeikishidanEdit

Duration: Seikishidan & Jihad
The founder of the Warmaidens and the strongest of the group. She is the Goddess of Underworld which aims to maintain the balance of the world. 
Duration: Seikishidan
The known "Most powerful Mortal of all" and "The Enlightened Vanguard of Wisdom". She is the Legendary Black Lotus and the trump card of Greek Religion
Duration: Seikishidan
The notorius murderer which been tamed by Sha. She is known as "The Insane Vanguard of Wisdom".
Duration: Seikishidan
The known Queen of the Sea's. The Recruiter of Sha and Nue. She left soon after she became the Goddess of Seas.
Duration: Seikishidan
The wife of Izanagi, the leader of Shinto Religion. 
Duration: Seikishidan & Jihad
The known Arcanite of the Devil and the only Demon in the group.
Duration: Jihad
The Goddess of Peace and Harmony. She joined after Kali went to invite her.
Duration: Jihad
The Princess General of Sal Kingdom. She is known as "Drake" and the world's greatest swordslady.
Catleya Bizzare
Duration: Jihad
The Rose of Swarm. Worlds strongest and most powerful wizard. 
Joan of Arc
Duration: Jihad
The Witch of Orleans. She joined after Bloody Mary invited her.
Bloody Mary
Duration: Jihad
The Second leader of the notorius group of murderers, The Hassansins. She joined willingly after losing a bout against Kali.