is the Goddess of Shadows, and one of the most reccurring characters and protagonist in the All seeing eye.


Hecate is born as an astral which have a dull history. Her first appearance is on the Seikishidan which she participates on the Greek Religion. Most of her appearance is of an aid, since Deities have a choice either to go to astral world which will be given a chance to recover, or Underworld and rest for an eternity. Hecate is not really move in wars, but if given a chance, her power is one of the most destructive of all.

All Seeing EyeEdit

In the book, All Seeing Eye, it tells about the story of Hecate defending her people, astrals, in the Dark Realm upon the invasion of Light Realm.


As an Astral, she can exist both mortal and astrals realms, allowing her to became ethereal and invisible in the other deities eye.

She is the Goddess of Shadows, allowing her to manipulate darkness upon her will. And She can cast a tragedy called "Arcane of Shadows: Pitch Black".


Hecate is based on the greek goddess of witchcraft and demons.

Hecate is the most mild attitude among the Council of Gods.