The known ability of Grand Lotus during the Second Ragnarok


Back in the early times of Seikishidan, a beautiful lady named Medusa, is known to be a priestess of Athena. Known to be near beautiful than Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love. She gained much popularity and respect on men. 

But later, Athena found out that she has a love affair on Zeus, the Persona of Wrath and Leader of Greek, Athena cursed Medusa into a gorgon, having a monster like appearance and a cursed eye.

But Medusa didn't succumb to seclusion and grief, instead, she utilizes her ability and teaches mortals her curse as a gift which later known as the Serpent's Eye.

After some years, Medusa was hunted down by Nue, the Grand Lotus, which later got her ability as she devoured her.


The Eye of the Gorgon is known as one of the most powerful ability that was made and not natural (like dieties distinct abilities). Though it has evolved into some forms

Early Level (Medusa's Curse)Edit

Known as the most powerful form of the ability. It has the ability to read person's mind and memory, 360 degrees sight, and paralyzing the target upon eye contact.

Secondary Level (Nue)Edit

When Nue devoured Medusa, she gains the ability but lost the ability to paralyze target.

Third Level (Shar)Edit

When Shar became the fourth Grand Lotus, it evolves the ability of Foreseeing Futre

Transition (Serpent)Edit

Serpents version is different for being a learn version than inherited version, it only has the ability to read mind.

Evolution (Kyl)Edit

Kyl version is far more superior than Transition. He gains the ability to read minds, but he evolved the ability to install false memory to other mind reads such as Serpents and Grand Lotus.