Is a character in Seikishidan


The beginningEdit

Emmanuel is created by Judgment by using the Brush of Creation unto himself. Half of his body came to life and Emmanuel was born. Emmanuel has equal power to Judgment since he is the half of him. 

The SeikishidanEdit

Emmanuel was tasked by Judgment, to lead the mortals into salvation. There was a huge war approaching called “Seikishidan” and so, Emmanuel obeyed. Upon his quest, he saw that some mortals have some abilities. He research and study more unto them and he found out that some Mortals have the same ability to him, the Tongue of Beasts or the ability to talk to beasts.

Emmanuel saw hope from the mortals and so he created an army of the same ability of his and named them “Saints”, the blessed ones. And so from that, the people whom he leads praise them and thus he created the very first mortal religion called “Catholic”, which means “Universal”.Such as, in order to organize the saints, he created an elite and trusted faction among the saints which called “The Apostles” and as their leader, they call him “The White Saint”.

As series of victories happen to the Catholics, creating a great risk to the Greeks, the strongest Deity Religion,  Catholics dominated most of the lands that mortals owns. But later, Greeks reveal their trump card, a Saint named Sha. 

Sha and Emmanuel face each other in a bout. Having par skills and abilities, the bout lasted for a week until Emmanuel forfeited and let Sha won. Emmanuel explained Sha that she surpasses the normal ability of a saint thus, Sha was called the “The Black Saint” the counterpart of Emmanuel. 

Emmanuel return back to his people after that match but when he reached his destination, he saw a mass possession of demons from her people, it was Saint Judas fault of why there was such event, he was bought by the greeks as a dirty tactic.

Emmanuel decided to sacrificed himself to mass contract all the demon who possessed his people, later upon his death, some of the people who really praised him called him “The Messiah.”