is a sword arts form and considered to be deadiest of all.


Wilhelmina, the only daugther of Sal and a princess of Sal Kingdom, and Velvet princess of Sad Kingdom, trained with Merlin with sword arts as Velvet trained with Saint Gregory on same arts. Notably, the two excell it their own classes and as they age forth, the two friends combine their own studied arts and created the Crimson Wing Stance, named after the last name of Wilhelmina, Crimsonwing.

Crimson Wing Stance are considered one of the lost sword arts in the Great Harvest, due to the fact that Arcane Study replaces weapons studies in that era. But during the Ragnarok Exalt, the stance earn a high reputation and daunted every warrior that came to create hostility in both Sal and Sad Kingdoms.


Crimson Wing Stance are both one sword and two sword stance. But Wilhelmina over studied them and created ten sword stance with the help of Arcane of Wind: Levitation which Wilhelmina mastered. But either of them, the movements are pretty the same, thus the stance's movements are composed of twirling, spinning and slashing. Which unpredictable on all because it create two posible movements after one movement. But although, Crimson Wing Stance need the user to have high vitality, like Wilhelmina who can regenerate her wounds much faster than any other and Velvet considering her high life span.


When Siv Valentine got the Immortal Flame, he was hinted by Dunamis to train the stance, thus he seek help with Velvet and trained him. Due to the fact that Siv is a very fast learner, he created another movement for the stance and thus he created Scythe Stance with the Crimson Wing Stance which creates piercing damage on the enemy.