Deities are known to be the strongest and the most power of all and earn most respect and praise than other beings.

They believed that they exist in order for the world to be more organize and thus allowing theirselves to be idolized by mortals.

There is a heirarchy of Deities according with their power...

Gods and GoddessEdit

The most supreme of all races. Gods have variety of powers that was given by the Almighty Creator. Ranges from the Inferior gods to the superior. They are the holder of seals that if they are defeated, they victor will own the seal and earn the title. But then, gods depends its powers to the people that idolize them.


Deities who are much like gods, yet not powerful enough to gain a crown. Although they are inferior, they are respected on the Lawicia when it was built.


Deities which was only given and shared powers by the gods and they classified into four.


Are just mortals which was bestowed an ability by an elemental god. They continue to serve the elemental god as long they have the Touch.


Are the guardian of The Library, the ethereal knowledge. they are minions of the God or Goddess of Wisdom that task to protect the Library which is the source of power of their idol. They are shared to use the Library as long as they are willing to serve their idol. They are named from the human emotions.


Which later derived as the Gods of Underworld. They are the keeper and wardens of the fallen dieties and the only being which have the power on the Underworld. Kali is the first one to become a Guardians as Ahura gave her the ability and right to rule the Underworld and later, shared her powers to other people who became guardians.


World's most feared beings of old. They are more stronger than gods and only few of them are sane. Arcanites are minions of Bahd which given the ability to invoke an arcane without following the Law of Nature. They are named according to the trump cards of Arcana.


The legendary deities of old who prophisized the end of the world.

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