The God of Light and one of the Council of Gods

History and BackgroundEdit

Baldr is the childhood friend of Hecate and pure born Astral. Unlike Hecate which was a half-blood. Baldr, then became an apprentice of Amon, the Artist. Through out the story, he attain the God of Light which later join the Norse Religion. When Hecate became the Goddess of Shadows, he was threatened that her friend will became his greatest foe in the astral world, thus dividing the astral world into two, The Temple of Light and the Palace of Darkness which later forged a hidden war. As Siv interloped to astral world. Hecate allied with Siv and later, Baldr was killed by Siv obtaining the Seal of Light.


The most proper term is envious. Baldr envy all of the other gods because Baldr had a hard time of materializing himself in the real world because of his pure astral blood.


He has the power to manipulate the light.