Immortal FlameEdit

Class: Anti-Deity

Affinity: Death

Wielders: Kali CaliberSusano-O, Wilhelmina Crimsonwing, Siv Valentine

Requirements: Immortality- Ink of Life Dependent

One of the most powerful weapons of the world. Once with the collection of Susano-O’s ten swords called “Iron Maiden”. That show a little of its power, until Siv wield it and used its utmost ability. The Immortal Flame grants the user the absolute power making him able to multiply itself to the limit of 10 million clones, but in every attack it make will be reflected to the user. Thus it requires a person having immortality or has an Ink of Life.

Chains of IllusionEdit

Class: Anti-Army

Affinity: Blood

Wielders: Rian the Snake, Kyl Blackflower

Requirements: Ink of life

In line with the most powerful weapons of the world, Chains of Illusion has been feared in the Great Harvest era. It has an ability to take down any army of any kind in one blow. If used with Ink of Life, the damage would be far greater. Chains of Illusion is a parasite kind of weapon that enables the wielder to transmute its own blood into chains of any mass, length and quantity.

Constellation, Hand of GodEdit

Class: Living Weapon

Affinity: Divine

Wielders: Nue, Shar Valentine

Requirements: Grand Lotus

One of the rare defensive weapons is the Constellation. Constellation is a living weapon and also the name of the Mother of Celestial Dragons. Thus in its story, the Grand Lotus cursed the Constellation that only him can touch its body, making the curse a requirement for wielding the Constellation. The weapon has the ability to shift into other forms of weapon, likewise if the holder doesn’t meet the requirement, it will just retain its normal form, a cloth. If again united with its soul, it will become a Celestial Dragon again

that is hardly unstoppable.

Star of DevastationEdit

Class: Spell binding Weapon

Affinity: Flame, Water, Earth, Wind, Darkness & Light

Wielders: Sad Silentstorm, Skuld, Velvet Silentstorm

Requirements: Wizard’s Blood

A common weapon that always been heard in the world. Even though its common, it’s still an Ahuran Relic. Star of Devastation grants the wielder to create a chord, a multi-elemental arcane.

Iceied Flayre, Sword of AkazhaEdit

Class: Anti-Deity

Affinity: Divine

Wielders: Rhayne

Requirements: Mortality

In line with the Immortal Flame as the most powerful weapons of the world, Iceied Flayre is always been heard being used by Rhayne, The God of All Gods. The only weapon that doesn’t require any power. Grants the wielder to absorb and empty the power that the deity has and can be used all up.

Ink of Life, AmbrosiaEdit

Class: Passive

Affinity: Divine

Wielders: Zeus, Loki, Judgment, Rian the Snake, Kyl Blackflower

Requirements: Purity

Not realty a battle weapon but boosts any person that wield this. It grants immortality, utmost speed and power to the wielder and always been needed and beneficial by other dependent Ahuran Relics.

All Seeing Eye, The Dragon TorcEdit

Class: Passive

Affinity: Divine

Wielders: Hecate

Requirements: Astral Blood

Only used by Hecate which allows her to see the truth. It allows the wielder to interloped other timespaces.

Eye of DeceitEdit

Class: Passive

Affinity: Divine

Wielders: Loki

Requirements: Ink of Life-Dependent

Used only by Loki to deceive and alter the truth. One noted is when he alter the death of Baldr pointing all fault to him instead of Siv.


Class: Anti-Army

Affinity: Lightning

Wielders: Thor

Requirements: Seed of Lightning

The only Ahuran Relic upon the collection of Lighting Relics, in line with The Sword of Izanagi, Gungnir, and Spear of Zeus. Mjolnir is considered as the most durable yet not the strongest. In fact, Sword of Izanagi is the strongest Lightning Relic of all, which is also in the collection of Susano-O’s Iron Maiden. But Mjolnir grants the wielder to have the ability to manipulate weather.

Brush of CreationEdit

Class: Tribute Weapon

Affinity: Life

Wielders: Judgment

Requirements: Ink of Life

In line with the Immortal Flame as the strongest weapon of all. Grants the wielder to create life to the non- living things. But if used with Ink of Life, Brush of Creation is more effective. Notably was used to give life to Ifrit.

Burning Heart, TheSantelmoEdit

Class: Living Relic

Affinity: Flame

Wielders: None

Requirements: Ink of Life

The non-specified relic of all. Santelmo is the God of Flames: Ifrit as he was given life by Judgment to do his bidding. Santelmo, as it live, can create an army of Jinns.

Silver Palladion, Ahura MazdaEdit

Class: Aegis

Affinity: Almighty

Wielders: Zeus, Athena, Ares, Siv Valentine

Requirements: None

The undestructable shield of gods. Ahura Mazda is a well known relic that have been used by named gods in the war. It nulls all forms of attacks, physical and spell. And it shows a dynamic world map.